cuckoo. cuckoo.
the mind/the circumferenceless soul/are both as porous as the body/and equally prone to infection.
thought forms/emotions/beliefs/modes of consciousness/
all circulate through shared space/cross the open borders/of the selves/like germs.
pink fur. the rainbow shatters/and sherds of brilliant colour/scatter everywhere.
sheet music/breaks its frame/and notes run wild/stagger and reel intoxicated/giddy with freedom.
words shake off the ties of signification/operate at other &
various levels of meaning & codification. mapping out a secret mathematics-
the units of meaning/that is/overthrow all structure.
the winds blow/in every direction at once.
snarled to standstill/knotted like pink tails of the King Rat/pulling in each direction/simultaneously/but going nowhere
the energies fierce/but balanced/mutually self-cancelling/huge power/in energised stasis.
The Black Sun.
mania is not the defeat of depression. it is the discharge of, the desperate expenditure, of, huge reserves of energy, in a wild attempt at escape. A prison break. Run, run, into the dark woods. Through the bustling anonymous bodies of the anonymous city.
The exhilaration is twofold; the thrill of temporary and unaccustomed freedom/the ragged adrenaline of flight. Don't stop running. The jailers are on your tail.


Gradually/became invisible/slipped away in stages
almost imperceptibly /until the question of whether
or not/we even exist/became unavoidable.

Just the imagination of a self then/
Haunting the circuits/of an oblivious world.
Tumultuous equation. At utmost extremity/
polarity flips/and world
begins again. Mirror in the sky.
“I work with the Regulator
“We govern the gyres,
“the interpenetration
"of dark & light”

Glimmer of understanding/in the
cave-shadow/beginnings/of fertile doubt.
Cracks widen into fissures/till the whole
structure/cracks/like an egg.
Daylight is dazzling. The first encounter
Taken for blindness/sight for sin/snatched away.
The familiar world/swallowed up/into an
incandescent gut. White light cancels
the illusory frame.


))) the component energies of the instant are present in every one of its manifestations. this is the basis of all divination.(((

Vatic Pronouncements/reaching in the entrails/sorting through the guts
of the instant.
What forces combined and clashing? And in what ratio?
What hodgepodge system of imbalanced and misaligned energies toppling into future? And what could nudge the Whole into harmony?
Botched divination forfeits Perfect World.
Another 100 years of brute dominion. The Black Glove
fixed firmly about the throat. Spluttering for a mouthful of air.
Clanking Dialectic. The Infernal Machine.
Producing Novelty/indifferently/with no thought to utility
With no regard for merely human value. Mutations in the chemical lyric.
Errors of translation breed the monsters/which inherit the earth.
Still water/A silence/improbable and wholly ominous.
Mist on pause. Is this/the Terminus/of Time?

heaps of holes/porous membrane/thought forms
leak/into aether/the connective tissue/
Mind/is no sealed box-
dream meshes with dream/consciousness
with consciousness/mingling and melding/
making hybrids/chimeras/dead men
speaking through living lips.
slip of the tongue/and secrets are revealed.
Time is spread out/like cards on a table.
Shuffle/and deal again. Needing nothing
but the come & go.
Chaste encounter/lightly lingering touch
experienced as promise. The Return.
Mad with wanting/and the swallows all fled/
soared south with sun. Winter’s Dominion begun.
Gone, gone/and the tremulous life/of flowers/
gone with them/the crepe paper petals/the primary colours.
How many springs left? How many more times/
can we be reborn?

This high and windy rock/receives no visitors/
The mind moves in circles/checkmated/ by its own isolation.
Spiralling in barren solipsism.
A reflex faith/an atavism/forbids death.
This ascent was made in hope/and under instruction
Someday/the friend will come.