Beefeater Evesham.

Potato dippers heaped with melted cheese, spring onions, tomatoes, jalapeƱos, sour cream & chive and red onion. Served with our Fundido cheese sauce and green chilli salsa. 2 pints Stella.


A greyer grey. The grey permeating the air.
My body keeps changing my mind.
Powdered nose, cheeks, and chin. Basically powdered everything.

Did you want to be a human being?

The world is a thing you can't touch and touch is a thing you can't feel. The world is a stubborn thing. You can watch it, or you can close your eyes.

Sometimes, it appears to be responding to you, as if you were truly alive. Don't let that trick you.


transitioned into a non-corporeal, energy-based life-form
They put him away- They put him away
Transitioned into =========>
I tried to plot a diagram of forces but the arrows went everywhere and it looked like a big tangled ball of wool, so that was a failure. It was something and to do with overdetermination and some other stuff. I wanted a unified field theory that would explain why everything always goes wrong. Is the Enemy built into current edition of Universal Rulebook? Does the Enemy exist outside of Earth conditions? Does the Enemy lurk IN THE HEARTS OF ME AND YOU? Or can it be finally defeated with one deft and unexpected Judo flip.
Attack, and with that, Jerusalem, finally builded here, woozy pasture of pleasant green, gambolling lambs and children making daisy chains with faces innocently vacant?
Or relentless death struggle between two see-sawing forces first yer up and next minute yer down?