Hello again, have you missed me?
I’ve been meaning to get in touch, but somehow,
I haven’t quite felt able.
I hope you understand.
I’ve had so little good news to share.
I’ve been unhappy
And you’ve seemed so very far away.

I wonder sometimes
What would have happened
If I’d stayed on any road long enough
To arrive at its terminus.
Would I have been happy there
Or have found only a slightly different
Shade of unfulfillment?

I’ve grown old and pot-bellied,
Sour, corrupt, bald, and drunk
And you ask why I don’t call on you?
There was a time I felt I deserved you
And we spent each day in each other’s arms.
Look at me now! Look at what I’ve become!
I daren’t face you.

I had great plans, or rather, I had great aspirations.
No plans, only aspirations, a daydream perhaps,
Just a gauzy daydream.

Why not

Sad songs are the best of songs
For who has not met sadness
And who feels he has not failed
If only in some detail,
some unalterable particular
Some trifle, fleeting,
Clumsy, yes but…
And with that,
The whole world is lost.


I stood upon the shrinking beach 
                           and watched the waves approach
knowing the tide’s in league with Time 
                                  and Death in league with both.