Shattered cloud.
Sun breaks through.
                                                                   crustaceans swarm the beach.
man walks out the swamp.                                                                             
voluble tree birds                                                                                                                      
in the lark park
                              in the battery acid
                                           in the green guts of the river.                                                   
where fishes swim.                                                                                                 
                 under willow
where pheasants drink.
    VEGETABLE EMPIRE.                                                                          
 home furnishing. meat pies. other planets.    
conspiracies take root in history, branch insidiously.
 January Sales! Huge Reductions! Canapés! Twiglets!                                                                                                       
actions which crystallise into ritual. back in the world again. embodied.
 eat bread.  drink wine. plough furrow in time.
The bread and the wine symbolise the willing acceptance of the deal. Embrace material conditions. green mesh. The flesh, the blood, the need to eat. The body, the Gnostic hell.
 Every time the body is left, the ritual of return must be enacted. Thank you for the flesh. For the blood which surges, the rivers of blood which transverse the body. The machine, the avatar which negotiates the material world. Only through the avatar can material conditions be altered.
Only the machine can act in this dimension.
Delicate polar flowers, quite unknown to science, bloom once every 5 centuries. Cornflower blue petals assume the shapes of snowflakes, exhibiting the same degree of beauty and variety.
 Polar bears lick them for salt.
Dexterous acts of telepathy. Virtuoso extrapolations from existing data.
Daunting canyons strewn with hulks of stone. Small village, ambushed by jungle. Dense jungle sprouts overnight. Sound of tropical birds in tangle of vines. Trees break through slate rooves.
The valley is full of statues, of unknown antiquity. They have always been here. Mighty monuments of basalt. Moss in the eye sockets, beards of lichen.
Egrets perch on the heads of monarchs, sit in the laps of gods.
eccentric aunts.      opium war.                                                                 
voluble skylark                                      
pugnacious warthog.
..In the Control Towers tall, thin men, like skeletons, parcelled in wax paper, plot the events of next year.
In the bleak and frozen tundra a monster breaks its iron shackles.
A traitors meeting in the pine forest. Where moss muffles the footfalls and  treetops blot out the moon.
A fox wriggles out into the night,              emerging from                                                
                den beneath a gravestone.                                                                                          
coral.                     minarets.                                                     smog.
Don’t betray the desire.                                                                                                                          vanities,                                                                                                                                          
                               snuffling in a corpse.
Immensities of space-
slow                         circling                            space

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