Burlybrook of Curlycrook, Varnisher of Fable, Foremost of Fabulists, most Famed among Fantasists,
Fount and Font of Fond Fancy, proud Prince of Fictons, most Feted and Fecund embellisher of retold tales,
First favoured son of Thoth, Mythmender, dreamweaver, Darling of Time, Most Musical of verse vendors,
very vaunted ventriloquist of Insoul, Onesoul, Mysoul and Oursoul,
Scurrilous provider of puns, properly punctillious of prose and euphinoius of poesy, most profound of Philosophers,
most wise of soothsayers, most solemn and santimonious upholder of Tradition, proud torch bearer, respecter of Law and Craft, Incomparable in Magnitude, Unfathomable in Depth, Most Perfect in all Particulars,
Dove and Doe, Asp and Tiger
for whom no clime is foreign, no tongue unknown, no thing nor event possible which has not been previously imagined,
made possible in actual fact,
by the very act of imagining,
conjured from airy nothing,
given form, made solid
into the world of Time and Space
Author of all Things that are,
Mother and Father
Daughter and Son
Begining and Ending
All encompassining
All Knowing
Curlycrook of Burlybrook
bring us to life
animate us, favour us
bless us.
Our Life is Yours....

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