ghost bridge floats over the red river. squalid babylon.
Outreach workers on the river bank, and the moon on the river. Looks like another pea-souper, Pat.
UFOs under the fog. blinking. sadly observing. interplanetary craft. very lonely.
I wrote a book, detailing Sir Issac Newton's contact with advanced interstellar voyagers. Although it garnered little if any critical attention on publication I have reason to believe its time will come. Many radical theories are like gifted children, they take a while to find their feet in the world.
eating a kebab at the bus stop. leaning forward, as if peering over a precipice, that way any sauce or stray lettuce will fall onto the pavement, for the rats and pigeons, and not on my nice new shirt. gobshite. Oleander and Clematis. Fuck! Tomato on me loafers, it's alright, napkin, wipe it off, pretend it never happened.
I am making mushroom vol-u-vants for th church fete. The following games and amusements will be available:
lucky dip, guess how many licorice allsorts are in the giant licorice allsorts jar, coconut shy, bouncy castle, meat tray raffle, and one i invented, the kids (or the parents!) have to jump up in the air and try and grab a sausage with their teeth. the sausage is suspended by a clothes peg from a cord we can raise or lower depending on the height of the child. we try to put it just fractionally out of reach. for 50p you get 3 jumps.
it's very funny watching them jump up, jaws snapping! and the sausage dangling there, just out of reach

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