Hairy knuckled Kabbalist unwittingly unlocks the the 72 demons.
Flaps about, like a man who's just set off the smoke alarm.

The concept of the Secondary Personalities refers to the interlocutors inside.
We create them and they come to assume a degree of individuation and autonomy, with their own set of responses.
Sometimes, one may hear them muttering away at some lower level of consciousness.
They are distinguished by a certain crudity of conception, like the characters in a daytime soap opera.

They are created by the Self to explore different modes of being, different scales of values, different desires and aversions, while maintaining the facade of a unified and coherent self to the World-at-large. The experiment is not without its dangers. Secondary personalities can displace the Self, if only temporarily. One awakes with a start to find an idiot has been behind the wheel.

It sometimes happens that the Self is such a demanding taskmaster that a coup is staged, the responsibilities are too great, the workload too onerous, the punishments too severe.

The secondary personalities, as self-created, must be distinguished from the Squatters. Squatters are other selves who have taken up residence in the Tower. There are two main types. Spies, who wish to remain undetected, hoping to come across some secret, and those others, often family members, who make a point of being obtrusive. Noisy, hectoring and domineering they are deliberately trying to govern your behaviour, police your instincts and override your will.

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