Sunlight reveals the grain of the paper, the blue vein of it.
People oppress other people with opinions. Press down upon them. Your needs are not her needs. Your pretensions don't align.
When are we not speaking at cross-purposes?
Outlining his minor Web of corruption;
I told My doctor I was getting what they call
but I wasn't.
You! Really! A schemer is revealed beneath the mask of probity, sober, moral seriousness...
Pragmatism! An instinct for one's advantage.
Is this a seduction gambit?
A leather jacket hung up in the back of the closet.
Sensible fleece man, and yet, something stirs.
Where I live now I have trees, grass, it's not the countryside as we understand it, but there's some wildlife; squirrels, I've got blackbirds.
A feel for nature. An earthiness. Don't be so high handed, just an everyday seediness, an arrangement is being negotiated, of mutual benefit. Don't mistake broken English for Innocence. No one is being corrupted in this scenario. Compromised age, the sensibilities coarsen.
What we need is non-negotiable, everywhere else, there's wriggle room.

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