The Enemy is on the throne. It is the time for meeting in secret and talking in code. Like, the chaffinch pecks at sunflower seeds, like
The eagle roosts at dawn.
Pity me, mere wretched
Full of unsobbed sorrows.

Great Political Events grind and clank overhead
Like the gears of a great and terrible threshing machine.
I focus my mental powers to send lithe assassins ghosting down the
corridors of power
To kill, and melt into shadow.

Great Democracies Must Learn Lessons. What is the Mob? Can’t we make it display gratitude? How should I organise the global economy? Why were the East Germans driving Trabants? Could we be happy in a Trabant, if  a Mercedes had never existed? This is called THINKING SERIOUSLY ABOUT POLITICAL REALITIES.
It gets you from
A ------------------- TO ----------------- B

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