White out. Pigeons, Seagulls. Flap through a void. 37 years old and on the scrapheap.
SCRAPEHEAT. Feel like crying. Systems.
Heat Transfer. from a region of high temperature to another of lower temperature. a direction that increases the entropy of the collection of systems/
Heat transfer ceases when thermal equilibrium is reached, in Heideggerian terms LEVELING DOWN.
A Great Sadness Assails Me. It never happens the way I wanted it to happen. A COUNTER-Force is in play, whether within or without. The Frustrators. Argh!

The walls are made of brick. Various shades; peach, tangerine, umber, burnt umber. This creates a PLEASING EFFECT. The eye craves variety. A CLIMBING PLANT climbs the wall and roosts in the guttering. Hedera, green in winter. A Plant is a very exemplary Open System.
I diagnose a Resistance To Information, on the part of MASSES. We will think very carefully about Information in Society System. How to ram it into your THICK SKULL.
Various Problems viz Toxicity of Information Supply, tribalism and taboo, trivia. Lubricious honey on thighs ooh slow trickle etc
build the wall build the wall build the wall build the wall build the wall build the wall
The skull is a bone wall but there are holes. Could a long thin wire could be used to prod Information in through these small holes? A terrible guitar band from the boring year 1996 is attacking my eardrums. It’s a video of a chick crushing a pineapple between her thighs, awesome. transfer of Sherpa services to the Pinnacle Cloud Platform has been GREAT SUCCESS.

I tried very hard but It didn’t work, so I stopped trying. I put a big box on my head and stare out through two pinholes.

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