Argillaceous frost-shattered rock debris, that the double decker buses and articulated lorries compact, in the ditch of the A2, as it skirts Greenwich.
Ridge rising to Blackheath, the grass plateau, steeples,
Sand and gravel, with possible lenses of silt, clay or peat. [Generic description].
Poorly sorted, stratified gravel
Police horses gallop the green
Ravens mostly, though starlings too, and wood pigeons, pecking.
Greenwich Park on the rim of the rise
Peering down at itself, and the run of land
Towards river wren and the tea-clipper
In dry dock.

Past white tower of Alfege
And brick tower of municipal authority and punctilious timekeeping
Past the almshouses and the pubs. Sparrows in the bushes
at the boundary
of the pavement.
Back to argillaceous frost-shattered rock debris
And the macadam over it. The traffic lights at the crossroads.
Stop. GO. Almost there
Climbing the stair
To home.

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