Who put you in charge?
Hush, only I was home
Home alone?
Here all by myself.
So happenstance we met?
If happenstance is what you're happy naming it, be it.
You'd fiddle it fate?
There's error there?
Just circumstance. You're a citizen of substance? Where is it?
It's fickle. For now it gathers flowers, being of a romantic bent.
I hadn't guessed it.
It hides, fearing the world fades it.
The sun is strong shining these parts
It bites me
A brute
It bridles
Cow it
It calfs
Conundrum! Where can this ever end?
There's a music to it
The way the words come out. It's winking when it's wooing but it's woeing when it's waneing
Read it
It runes all the time
Taste it
Tickles,  it fizzes on the tongue.
Will you telly of it?
It squares the eyes. We sat in front of it
In cushions, it cradled us. Some of it touched us, it can.
Have you seen it
Sometimes. The range is lonesome.
I've heard it called
It calls me
It's wide and red and long. It's land, it grasses and rocks and ranges, ridgy
Heather grows there and anemones
Trees muscle it. I roam it. Under me is horse, it's hot and strong. Space, we beast it, hoofs on it, it's animal, I take it, it's land.
You're awful muscly.
Toil earned it. It bulges.
It's brawny
I brute It. So much I lift things.
It goes up and down
Doesn't it
Forget it. Think it again.
Here recedes indefinitely don’t it?
Want it elsewhere. Dare it.
Sun after sun
Its eye against us, they’re days
Its dying I day it, and I day it again
Its destiny do it
I daren’t it
Then do it all again.

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