screed cycle
scree surplus/rock glut/
debris/geological evidence amassed and uncatalogued /
the secrets of crystal exchange/quartz intercourse/
stockpiled here/and uninterpreted.
databank in debt
run on/run off/temporary cycle of exchange
and accumulation. The horde.

mass in movement gathers
momentum/headlong to crash/head-on collision
with fact
there is no value here/just air
in a sausage skin.

scree circuit/skim surface gilts/siphon gains
finders keepers/the angels share
there is no money here/
no tools, no cash, no cigarettes/on the premises
no substance to the claim/just chutzpah
and an appetite for the high wire/
if the ship comes in
the money doubles/if it sinks/the investment was
merely nominal and no matter/eye-pearls and so on/
the seaweed on the bone.

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