carnation kettle/antebellum/gristle to gogo
in tide of sentiment/tears turn tar.
white page/as mind-mirror/in which
                      (          )
is made manifest. sees itself reflected there. vast startled eyes looking
into vast astonished eyes.
panacea/river-rummage/in guts of time-torrent twinkling.
take a second (            )   to reflect.
Narcissus/the 6 petals/about the radiant centre.
bright myth in buckets/The Fisher King
made whole.

Pandemonium. the city of black volcanic rock.
and pluming/piling smoke/black cumulus castles
cross black sun.
the subterranean citadel/with high builded walls/
and parapets/and roiling moat of red lava/alive-
devils for denizens/the principalities/of hell.
the eye of the serpent/sempiternal/seeing
from times birth glimmer/to dark vortex/
at times end/caught
in the frozen gaze.

prophets eye/in fine frenzy rolling
speech hurled/to deaf air-
and done.

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