actually, I feel, thanks for setting up the meeting by the way,
pards, lithe and leaf-shadowed/the corkscrew path
up mountain rise/threatened
by ravening guardian of salvation/
that it not be purchased/
at too cheap a price.

saved and lost a thousand times/
in swift succession/rising and sinking/
beneath the grey wave/
always wanting/whatever
we currently lack.
For good or ill/
mere greed/
for change/
and shifting circumstance. The price/
obidience/dearest of all sacrifice/
no ownership of action/save
that obedience is offered freely/
though threat of Fall/looms/
the menace/behind the pact.

To adhere to the circle of that spotlight/
moving as it moves/dancing within that white disc/
disavowing all the growling, fierce pleasures/
of the dark.

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