I was aboard my riverboat and perfectly happy. it was summer of course. I whiled away the long evenings playing games of backgammon againgst myself/  I only ever recognise happiness in retrospect, when all the worries of the time have been dismissed, as chimeras, phantasms. as never having been worth worrying about at all. by day I kept company with frogs.

Great Tits are known to observe the Coal Tit  hoarding its stash of seed, meaning to filch it at a more opportune hour.
a field of possibilities. ecology. climax. utmost degree of specialisation and interdependance. field of possibilities fully fleshed out.
place againgst this an ecology of opportunists and generalists, scavengers  and parasites.
the most aggressive, the most adaptable. ecology of the world-city.
rats, pigeons, cockroaches. a diet of breadcrusts and chicken bones.
muddle earth. the possum in new zealand.
the cane toad in australia. the grey squirell in england. burmese pythons in the florida everglades.
terrapins in the london canals. mink in the rivers. japanese knotweed. himalayan balsam

invasive species. PLANTS RUN AMOK!

the dimensions of the world are changing. wilderness is a park with a cafeteria. the views are charming, the tea, tolerable and the service ,servicable.
The less said  about the Battenberg the Better
cauliflower stalks. gristle.
medium size predators; foxes, falcons, feral cats
supplement their diet with carrion; chicken nuggets, roadkill.

safari park stages animal fights
subject to popular demand-
and one for the enthusiasts,
honey badger-wolverine.
spokesman speaks-

it’s not as though survival is an issue, we can clone these animals any time we want and frankly if they are unable to survive in the wild they will have to earn their keep like anybody else.

sounds reasonable.

I floated serenely as any swan. frogs flopped off water lillys and otters stole through the underwater.

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