WAVE FORMS. (delicate collisions. comedy.)
manta ray. santa cruz. delicious collisions.
DISTANT COLLISIONS. green man. green hat,
green suit.
                piquant collisions.

           VERBATIM. mayan legacy. mayhem. ZAPRAYS. SHARK WORLD.
BOWLING WORLD. garnish and serve. BURNING WORLD.

-yonder cloud.
                And came to a door, right there in the cliff face., in the solid mountain.
And writing above that door, high runic, language long forgotten  by the race of man and yet, found that he could read, and spoke aloud those syllables…. –DOOR SWINGS OPEN-

Forests of great gloaming.

                weeks pass.
                                                tiny forests.
bones in the snow/Hispaniola.
big trucks on the open road. long roads. open skies. blue. affectless.
metronome of passing pylons.

grey road disappears into blue sky and sunburst.

PHANTASMAGORIA. colloquial. cephalod.
protozoa. Mermen. Shock troops. The Sign of the Trident.
…tide of the tyrant
SHARK TROOPS. threshed water, red, churning.

Woden pegs. Beachhead. Huge tusk of a bull elephant, tossed up by the tides. washed up on the sand , coughed up by the sea.
                                murmuring of sea snakes. faints in the drawing room.
it is rather stuffy in here Hugh…

Huge tomb. Clock radio.
                Sundry stuffed crocodiles, artfully arranged as though basking before the fireplace. FORECLOSURE.
                                sing for this tarnished world.
falcon on the precipice. GROOMING PENS.
under the railway arches. in the basements of anonymous office blocks, in the florescent light.

                                a mystereon. STARGAZER. earthworm
KNIGHT. chivalrous as any
champion of old.
Equal to any in adventuring,
none’s peer in romance.


not lacking in valour MICROWAVE OVEN
Can that really be you?

Petulant wretch.
Octopus. Ectoplasm.
planets in the grip of a fat black spider, in the web of a black sun.
ectomorph- pale plant stretching sunward


  1. Well, that's very generous, Grandma, but I don't want to suck on one of your piss and lemon ice lollies. Ha ha. No, sorry, I meant to take a photo not scrape it into a pile like that.

  2. Gormless Chris Tarrant, raddled in his later years by gout, zygomycosis, cataracts and dropsy. Feeling around in the snow for his crank handle. Found it. Feeling around the snow in vain for his crank handle. It's not there and there's diesel all over, staining the paper of an old TV Times, Christmas issue, Live and Let Die, fucking the Queen, over and over, like a tarred and feathered monkey in a mandrill suit.