Hello again, have you missed me?
I’ve been meaning to get in touch, but somehow,
I haven’t quite felt able.
I hope you understand.
I’ve had so little good news to share.
I’ve been unhappy
And you’ve seemed so very far away.

I wonder sometimes
What would have happened
If I’d stayed on any road long enough
To arrive at its terminus.
Would I have been happy there
Or have found only a slightly different
Shade of unfulfillment?

I’ve grown old and pot-bellied,
Sour, corrupt, bald, and drunk
And you ask why I don’t call on you?
There was a time I felt I deserved you
And we spent each day in each other’s arms.
Look at me now! Look at what I’ve become!
I daren’t face you.

I had great plans, or rather, I had great aspirations.
No plans, only aspirations, a daydream perhaps,
Just a gauzy daydream.

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