The barbershop quartet we transported in from 1962, before all the trouble started. Here kid, have a slice of cheesecake.

Pneumatic pinup girl with anachronistic tattoo materialises in authentic period diner gingham proffering a plate with a perfect wedge of plastic cheesecake, just right of centre.
‘Hey Sugar’ Big mascara wink.

Pasteboard Happy Days set. Ice cream Sundae. Peach Melba. Malted Milkshake. Jukebox don’t take no coins you just snap your fingers. Try it kid. ‘Happy, that’s me’ by Little Frankie pops out the speaker cones and the whole joint starts jumpin’

Youth. Eternal Innocence. Walls fall in on themselves to reveal Wimpy Bar, Forest Gate, 1983. Man flicks cigarette ash into saucer. Teenagers look out the plate glass window transposing Malibu onto Forest Road; Girls in roller skates, palm trees, soft, white sand, musclemen in neon vests

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