Why am I serving breakfast to a robot? This isn’t the way the future’s supposed to be.

Change happens while we’re looking in the other direction, preoccupied perhaps, by the desire for change, and the recalcitrance of events. Consequently, we don’t notice it till it has already bedded in, grown roots, become part of the furniture.

What’s needed, is to be able to stop time, in a great squealing of breaks and groaning metal, to prolong the instant indefinitely, so as to examine it as one would a technical diagram, with all its constituent parts clearly marked and their interactions detailed and explained, to say, this is where we are, and this is how it works. 

We navigate by guesswork and superstition. We ask the old witch who lives in our gut for guidance and although she provides the answers she never offers explanations, or basic principles for action and so we remain dependent on her divination, quite unable to think for ourselves.

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