Scree Circle/this shoddy crop of grifters/guffawing/
and grasping/all handshakes and back-claps/
Yellow teeth in red faces/grinning glazed hams/
Graft for granted/self-service/and pile the plate
to toppling.
What wizard wheeze/scum-cunts/conscienceless/
all good gutted/smoked glass/and the frictionless/
passage through space/the vantage-penthouse/
corner office/boardroom/the insulation/is total
and deliberate/and designed to exclude/reality/
everything at this level/runs on vapours/air
beneath it/cash ex nihilo/and coffers/
stuffed to bursting/consequences/are what
happens to other people/subjects;/the megaphone/
din drowns out the human voice/head
lines/the only news that matters/the
pollution/of the information supply/hate/
admixed with it/adulterated with lies/common
prurience/the cocked eyebrow/of innuendo/
takeover total/and can’t be overstated/
the Hebdomad/presiding over this/cheap
and jerry-built machine.

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