scree maintenance in shark park/the backbiting is mutual and circular/so only cigarettes mark a temporary truce.
Tethered to this orbit/the spin-cycle sets an agenda we are always 7 steps behind/
Competing fictions are the trousers around the ankles/stumbling we can’t step out of/
The Real recedes/never becoming apparent till retrospect/and the damage done.

Dull spirit level – divulge the temperature of the undertaking/tarot tablet/touch screen/spin the wheel and pick a number/the hot-desking reached boiling point/scarecrows ward off the part-timers/serious business this; voodoo or/beady-eyed conjuration/from the cheap-seats/it’s hard to say.

Yes Bill, that’s about the grist of it/all the graft that’s fit to tell/it’s settled on a handshake/so any papertrail is blind alley by design/and it’s words against words in a court of law/
That we all have our pox to share/and redemption is a weekend purchased at high price/
Is not to lose perspective/or to say there is no Enemy but us
Or step daintily to one side as if to avoid/this fight to the death.

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