From what memory this miracle?
Wounded robot. Great Icey Age
The Miracle Birth. The First. A New Thing.

There are Rules
but they are Collapsible,
do not pertain in all conditions, under all circumstances.
Exceptions are made.
Winged Beetle.
The degree of attention. Foul
Breath of Dying Star
rotting whale meat, on the beach
on the oil sand. Rock Bed.
Withdraw then. There is no surplus
no wealth to lavish.
Sit Still.
Accumulate Energy.
Achieive Silence.
At Harvest Time

This is no Permanent Solution.
A stop gap, better only
than that which is worse.

Begin Again.  cars draw lines
from distant place to distant place
making the road sing.

In truth, I have seen very little
the view from certain windows
and nothing more.

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