vagrant moment.                            a no time
within. in bubble of
allowing us to drift, undetected, through enemy territory.



Plants are not objects.
The energy in them.

My muse abuses me,
ridicules me
humiliates me
ignores me.
Calls me dissolute,
a layabout.
A squanderer.

She says
‘Output, is a reflection of input.
There is no possible way to cheat.
Quality of perception
and of the emotion.

The vigour,

         of imagination.

The degree and quality of the engagement.
And you! Knowing these things,
muddle through your days like a morose teenager
skulking in his bedroom.
And then, to have the gall, after all I have given you
to beg for more.
After all you have thrown away.'

I make sheepish promises and plead for clemency.

I do, genuinely, I think, want to do better. I do.
I keep thinking I will one day.

This path
and not another.
Or you will not gain their trust
will instead be prey
for predators and parasites
slow viruses
leeches       flesh eating worms            squalid vampires
Will gain no ally
will win no protector
will be alone.

Be diligent then
and do not spurn what was given in love.
lazerdromes. candyfloss. a queasy kind of excitement.
stomach in the mouth.

What it could be

         by what it could be.

in action.
indecisive. vague. muddled.
the cards say-
your struggle is with the Devil himself
which is so
the difficulty lies

                                   in believing it.

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