The reward for abstaining is revoked for indulging.
                           The punishment for withholding is lifted following the offering.

flows and interruptions to flows. ruptures. raptures. breaks.
               NOT blockages.
   disjunctures/fractured continuity.
the willfully applied jolt/to jump channels
to switch track.

                            the offering which lifts the curse
                            the appropriate sacrifice to the appropriate god

and the winds whirl up again
and the ship is no more becalmed.

to perceive when, and to whom
what is an appropriate time to wait
to extend the unbroken line and stretch the moment out
and at which point to force the issue
                           what is intemperance and what fatalism.

what is staying the course and what is willfulness and obstinance.

                            what is a testing of our fidelity
                             and what is inflicted as punishment.

what is patience
and what is despair.


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