triumph of the nil. 0.
simian imposition. older structural principles, compromises and arrangements. the best that could be done with the resources available.
these endure past the point of their usefulness. become deleterious. pervert the process. hobble us. hamper our range of movement. SQUANDER POTENTIAL.
rubbish dump of human. all piled up and gone to seed.
makes madness. the cage too constricted. beating head against the walls. THOUGHT
can't find a way out.
crude hierarchies. pyramid schemes.
UNDERMINE THE FOUNDATIONS. return to horizontal. ground zero.
interalia. terrible premonitions. visions of gory chaos. world a charnel house. crying out for a HERO.
save us. pluck us from the maelstrom, grasp us with an iron grip, sinews of steel, bulging biceps, MUSCLES EVERYWHERE
daddy, I'm scared.
strongman swaggers in to save the day.
"I told you so. Aren't you lucky I was here to rescue you.... I warned you that the world was big and frightening, that the only law was that of the jungle, savage and predatory. Without me you wouldn't last a day. YOU NEED ME."
and with that, the door swings shut with a crash. back in the cell. THE BLACK IRON PRISON. failed,
all over again.

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