ferocious mongrel. polyglot. phrygian relic.
vies with artificers,eels,
-in death-struggle on cliff-top.
(sea-birds look on disconsolately.)

naked politics wrestle.
yellow sea-moss/rude nests
regurgitate sea-slug,
                   sea-slap, sea-surge
pull of the sea.
trade routes

the winds pulled us off course, our instruments failed us.
the oceans flower islands, demure earthquakes,
basalt, palms,
pirates, Blackbeards garlanded with flowers
consort with panthers, utterly feline-
tormented by vengeful Ariels,
indolent Calibans-
fragrant spice-islands
untamed jungle and
rock islands
spitting sea, arches back, spreads claws, leaps...

kowtow to the green tree,
to the Green Man within the green tree,
to the wildwood,  to the leafwood, to the fox and flighty deer.
Good morning, forest.
Good morning, birds.
Good morning, deer.
Good morning, brother fox.

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  1. blackbeards garlanded with flowers-gotta love that ^_^
    very cool write.