gutter is riverbed - waiting for rain

                                                             -the umbrella blossom.

Pour Down.

    All at once
The rain reveals the city's hidden geometry.

As the hills usher the water to the river
 so each of the city's slopes,
all of its
various curves and convexities, grooves and gullies,
play sheepdog
when storm clouds break.

assume a sudden     unity of purpose.

    Water yields.

The road's quite elegant camber gently guides the rain to gutters
where joyful rivers run.

    lithe leaves
                 slick meiscus

litter leaps in the rapids,
caught by the current

All the drainpipes are working together.
The rooves work with the drainpipes.
All the rooves are working together.
down goes the rain, falling on the rooftops
flowing down the rooftops, slipping over tiles
down the gutters to drainpipes
the drainpipes all working together
all tributaries
the rain seeks the sea

find the black water of underground rivers

find the storm drain. the storm drain leads to the sea by way of the black water
the cold black tunnels and cold black water,
then out
into sun and a wider channel, a yet grander tributary
famous perhaps
its stately passage to the sea
celebrated in song and verse
accepting the tribute of many tributaries

to live within you
as one
my self
given up
unto your greater self

till time comes
for river to pay tribute to sea
take up the salt load.
big ocean
pursuit of happyness.

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